Case Study Results from Following Mad Bill’s 30 Day Challenge eCommerce Course.

Hello, I’m Troy Kemper and I wanted to quickly introduce myself to you before jumping in to this case study. I’m married to the love of my life and have four amazing children. It’s the 28th of August 2020 and all kids are back in school. One in pre-school 2 days a week, my 2nd grader and 7th grader are in person school 5 days a week. And my just turned 16-year-old is doing a hybrid in school 2 or 3 days a week and online learning the other days. COVID has made the simple things like going to school a joyful event in our house. Well, at least the first few days.

Alright, one thing I learned in the Army was…

The best way to learn and get big results is to copy someone that’s getting the results that you want for yourself and then make it your own.

This case study is a high level break-down of my eBay eCommerce results from following the MBC training and actively engaging with Bill in the Facebook group.

Day 1: July 21st , 2020 Joined the 30 Day Mad Bill Challenge

Spent Day 2- Day 10, watching the training videos. seasoning my account and listing a personal item to sell on my account. (per the training)

I was starting out with a brand new eBay account so had to take things slow and I needed to ask a lot of questions.

Day 10: July 30th – Sold my first item on ebay – A brand new black Army Neck tie.

Day 11: July 31st listed my first dropship items.


Day 14: August 3rd – Sold my first drop ship item.  Out of stock so not relisting. Found an alternate supplier (Higher price, but made the sale and made some money).

Day 15: August 4th – Sold my 2nd dropship ship item. Processed the order and relisted at a higher price point.


Day 16: August 5th – Sold the relisted item at the higher price point. Relisted

Day 17: August 6th – Sold the relisted item – based on a sending out an offer to watchers.  I wanted to make a sale every day if possible.  Relisted the item.

Day 18: August 7th…nothing.  🙁

Day 19: August 8th Sold a new item that I listed on July 31st.

Day 20: August 9th.  Sold my hot item again. And sold a new item I just listed on Friday.  I had both marked with a quantity of 3 when I listed them on Friday.  Was getting good traffic and several watchers.  I updated my quantity to 1 Saturday afternoon and BOOM both sold Sunday Morning.  (Total Profit $170.69)

August 9th – 12:30 – Sold the hot item again.  Relisted.  Today is a good day and still not promoting listings.

Day 22:  Super happy today. Made 2 sales totaling $314 of profit. My goal for this week is to make $300 or more profit everyday this week.

Day 24:  My 1st drop ship item sold quickly, but then went out of stock. My 2nd drop ship item I sold several at $47 profit each, but it also went out of stock. My 3rd item started promoting on Friday and sales started coming in on Sunday. I make $123.66 profit for each sale. Yesterday I sold 3 and a few other items I listed last week.

I found several other low competition high demand high profit items


I have run into challenges everyday as this is all new to me, but if my sales continue at this weeks pace this is a $147,000 profit business for me, so I take each challenge and speed bump as a learning opportunity.


Day 26: Aug 15th, 2020: I posted in the MBC Facebook group an update to encourage others just starting out and reminding them to follow the training.

If you are looking to start an eCommerce store.  I honestly recommend starting out with selling on eBay and once you have grown to a point that you want to branch out of eBay, move to Amazon and then to Shopify.


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